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Modular Construction Supports Greener Living

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More and more people are interested in green living, not only in their lifestyles, but in their homes. Those who are interested in building a home are more cautious of the environmental consumption and impact. Many homebuyers are interested in owning greener and more energy-efficient homes. Thus, many are now turning to modular homes because they offer sustainability and greener options and advantages over conventionally built homes.

Modular homes are constructed from sustainable materials to minimize their carbon footprint. Carbon footprints are the total carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere by specific human activity. Modular home building systems consistently address this environmental concern and build homes with reduced construction waste by better usage of materials especially wood products. Through the advanced building technology, materials for the modules are precisely cut and constructed meaning less human error resulting in less waste of raw materials.

Furthermore, modular construction utilizes energy efficient materials such as double-hung low emissivity windows and doors and high strength adhesives, which create a much more air tight environment. Homeowners greatly benefit from these energy-efficient homes which lead to lower energy consumption and costs. To find out more about the green benefits of modular homes, contact Virginia Homes Building System.

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