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Modular Construction for Superior Quality and Affordable Homes

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The use of premium materials coupled with advanced engineering technology is what makes modular homes exceptionally unique and sturdy. Smart computer programs are utilized to make customization possible in terms of designing the interior and exterior of the home. Meanwhile, state of the art construction techniques are applied to the structure to ensure they meet or exceed all state and local codes.

Homes built through modular construction go through a series of inspections and quality checks throughout the process to ensure the highest quality. Because modular homes are manufactured in climate controlled factory-like settings, materials are not exposed to weather guaranteeing that they will be in perfect condition. Additionally, this type of building system means that construction projects are not subject to weather, theft, materials, or contractor delays. Modular building systems make constructing homes faster and more efficient than with traditional construction.

Moreover, modular homes are both ” glued and screwed” since the modules are transported to the permanent site and then craned during assembly. Built to withstand these extreme pressures, this makes them even more sound homes than stick built construction. To find out more about modular homes, contact Virginia Building Home System.

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