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Fall or Winter Home Construction is Feasible through Modular Home Construction

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Are you planning to build a new home, but can no longer wait for spring or summer? Then, modular construction is the ideal home construction method for you. Regardless of the weather condition, you can proceed with your home construction plans. This is because modular construction takes place in an enclosed factory where weather cannot affect the process.

For the same reason, modular homes in VA, WV, and NC can be completed in less time. Homeowners can move-in to their new home in just a matter of weeks. Unlike with traditional stick-built homes which can take months to complete due to the uncontrollable such as weather delays, coordination and scheduling issues, materials delays, and theft, modular construction is on-time, every time. With modular construction, the home is already 90% complete when it is delivered to the actual, permanent site. The remaining 10% is final assembly and connections.

Virginia Homes Building System that time to occupancy is on schedule. We guarantee on-time delivery of projects. Interested in constructing your new home through modular construction? Contact us today!

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