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Modular construction has taken the market by storm. It offers advanced building systems for home construction that includes amazing features and high levels of customization. Many of the features offered in modular homes do not only add to the aesthetic appeal but they also contribute to the overall function of the home.

Let us take for example dormer windows. Dormers can be added to the chosen modular floor plan by the home buyer. Dormers are an extension in the sloping roof for traditional windows rather than skylights. Many people think that their purpose is to accentuate the exterior of a home. While they do make a roof line more attractive, dormers are constructed to create a space for the windows.

Having dormer windows in a modular home has many advantages. The windows provide for natural light and added ventilation to the attic space. They also increase interior floor space.

To find out more about dormer options for modular homes, contact Virginia Homes Building Systems.

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